A place of workship… Coming together slowly… (at Garage52)

A collective vision is gathering force… #helmetstories (at Helmet Stories HQ)

Tackling the Expressway section with only 73cc on tap should be fun #helmetstories (at Khandala)

73cc of good vibrations #M80 #helmetstories (at Dehu Road)

Sometimes the best adventures can be found in your backyard … #helmetstories

Wind, ice and water sculpt the topography of Ladakh. I can sit for hours on the banks of the TsarapChu near Sarchu, watching the dramatic light and shadow play of the sun that sweeps across this majestic region. As usual, me along with @virnakai and our crew at #HelmetStories will riding Ladakh starting June. Email us at info@helmetstories.com if you want to experience a ride of a lifetime #headabovetheclouds

Mountains and motorcycles… Missing my therapy, but, only a couple of months away (at Yamdrok Lake, Tibet)